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BASIC `SENAMROBIK’ INSTRUCTORS COURSE - 5th series and 6th series
Posted on : 03 Nov 2020

BASIC `SENAMROBIK’ INSTRUCTORS COURSE - 5th series, was conducted on the 21 to 23 October 2020 in Coco Cabana, Miri. It had managed to attract a total number of 38 participants from various government departments, both public and private higher learning institution, numerous health clubs, as well as individuals from all over Miri Division.

Miri Resident, Mr. Abdul Aziz Abdul Yusuf whom represented Telang Usan assemblyman, Dennis Ngau at the closing ceremony, expressed his gratitude towards the Ministry’s effort in promoting locally trained `Senamrobik’ instructors to enable the local community’s active participation in the mass sport activities.

Meanwhile the 3 days BASIC `SENAMROBIK’ INSTRUCTORS COURSE - 6th series, which had just concluded on the 28 October in Indoor Stadium Kapit, was participated by 32 participants from various government departments and numerous health clubs, as well as individuals from all over Kapit Division.

Bukit Goram assemblyman, Jefferson Jamit in his closing ceremony speech, had expressed his appreciation towards the Ministry’s continuous effort in organizing sports activities in Kapit amidst the challenging situation posed by COVID 19 pandemic. He hoped more of such sporting event will be organized annually in Kapit so that it’s local communities will also benefit from it.

32 Participants from Kapit Division

38 participants from Miri Division