Youth Camps


The primary objective to set up Youth Camp is to provide a venue for organising activities /programmes in order. To build up a generation of youths that is radiant, well known and with determination to encounter challenges in live.

To cultivate spirit of unity, cooperation among multiracial youths for the unity of the nation. To strengthen the spirit of nationalism and to uphold the longevity of the nation. Besides that, the youth camp builds to develop a generation of youths with good characters and to inculcate religious norms.


Sibu Kemuyang Youth Camp started operation in November 1999, located 23km away from Sibu Town.

The entrance of Sibu Kemuyang Youth Camp

Facilities provided at the Sibu Kemuyang Youth Camp are:

1. Rest House

2. Hostels

3. Mosque

4. Conference Room

5. Dining Hall

6. Main Hall

Youth Camp Hostel

Conference Room


The primary objective of Pueh Youth Camp is to provide a venue to conduct programmes or youth activities towards:

  • Grooming young generations for excellence and confidence in facing challenges in lives;
  • Instilling sense of togetherness and close rapport among youth of various racial backgrounds for the sake of National Integration;
  • Maintaining the spirit of nasionalism;
  • Inculcating high moral values and practising a good livelihood ethic according to religious norms;

This Pueh Youth Camp started operation in November 1991 with the concept of Outdoor Training . The camp is about 127km from Kuching City and is linked with fully tar-sealed road.

Facilities available at Pueh Youth Camp:

1. Rest House

2. Hostel

3. Surau

4. Classroom

5. Multipurpose Hall

Pueh Youth Camp


Rest House

Lecture hall


Mukah Youth Camp is located at Jalan Oya/ Dalat, about 8 km from the town of Mukah. The construction was completed in April 1999. It started operation in July 1999 and accepted trainees in December 1999.

Facilities available at Mukah Youth Camp are:

1. Rest house

2. Hostels

3. Mosque

4. Conference Room

5. Dining hall

6. Main hall

7. Field and courts

Mukah Youth Camp

Mukah Youth Camp Hostel