Sports Development

Our Objective

The Ministry aims continuously to promote and instil awareness on healthy lifestyle especially among Sarawak’s population of 2.8 million, through their active participation in various sporting activities held state-wide.

We support community-based sport events organized by registered NGOs state-wide and encourage volunteerism especially among youth through their direct or in-direct involvement in community-based sport activities organized by the various level of Sport NGOs in Sarawak.

There are several categories of sport events, organized by our Ministry. Mass Sport is widely participated by the mass community through events such as Mass Aerobic, ZUMBA workout, Fun Run and Fun Ride, as well as Tele-Match which involves modified games for group participated competitions.

Traditional Games are cultural based games which are normally played during festive session of the various ethnic groups in Sarawak. In preserving these games, several local based competitions are either being organized by our Divisional office or other government departments as part of the activity under the umbrella of the local based festivals. Among the commonly organized traditional games are Blowpipe Competition, Batak Lampung, Sepak Raga Bulatan, Traditional Kite Competition, Traditional Top Spinning and Tug of War. Under the ongoing preservation efforts to document other traditional games in Sarawak, the hopes to have more engagement with the local cultural based NGOs annually.

Extreme Sport which has a big number of followers in Sarawak, are strategically administered and collaborated through its respective associations and clubs. These involve several categories namely Motor Sport, Endurance & Adventure Race, X-Games, Strength competitions and many more which will be enlisted soon. Among its several activities which was collaborated between the NGOs and our Ministry, namely Premier 101 International Arm wrestling tournament,  Sarawak Cub Prix Championship, Sarawak X-Games, Sarawak Motocross Championship, Sarawak Adventure Race and Local Strong man competitions.

This sport category mainly has the potential to contribute towards our economy through Sport Tourism, due to its worldwide networking among local sport managers and enthusiasts with their international counterpart. Sarawak’s having blessed with nature and demographical advantages, it poses handsome  potential, especially towards promoting Sarawak as one of the most preferred destination for hosting  International level of Extreme and Adventure sport events, particularly in the South East Asian Region.

Recreational Sport aims to cater for the general public mainly into hobby based activities, such as Sport Fishing, River or Sea Kayaking and rafting, nature expedition to Mountain, hills and National Parks, Cycling Expedition, Motorized 4x4wd expedition and E-Sport competitions, generally aims to fulfil their quest for self-fulfilments. Similarly to other sport categories, the events are normally organized in smart partnership with the respective youth and sport associations as well as clubs in Sarawak. We welcome more NGOs state-wide for similar partnership in the near future as part of our mission in engaging the mass society towards healthy lifestyle.

To achieve the objectives of sports development, the Ministry has organised special courses such as the Basic Physical Fitness Coaching Course for several divisions in Sarawak. In addition to that, the Ministry has also handed over grants of RM5,030,600.00 to 59 youth and sports associations/organisations on 20 February 2021. The handing over of these grants is intended for the administrative management of associations/organisations as well as for the implementation of programs/activities for 2021.

 Basic Physical Fitness Coaching Course

Grant handing over ceremony 


Recreational Sport @ E-Sport Competitions – E-Football PES 2021


International Recreational Activity @ Tour De Malindo 2019

Extreme & Adventure Sport @ Ulu Paku Mountain Bike Jamboree, Betong @ 2019


Extreme & Adventure Sport @ Sarawak Adventure Challenge @ 2019, Lundu.

Recreation Sport @ Sarawak E-Sport Expo, Kuching, 2019.


In the modern era, sports play a vital role in ensuring quality and productive well-being of the mass society. Apart from promoting and development of sporting talents, these activities through active participations of the society, it could enhance racial harmony as well as promoting healthy lifestyles.
In line with our Ministry’s Vision “Sports for Everyone”, my Ministry aims to promote active participation among the 2.8 million of Sarawak’s mass population by planning and organizing a numerous mass sports activities state-wide, which comprises of Senam Kenyalang, Zumba, Senamrobik,
Adventure Fun Race and Traditional Games, such as Blowpipe, Batak Lampong and various other traditional folk games.