Youth Development


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Ministry has planned a comprehensive outreach programs that encapsulate the important elements of Education and Skills Training; Nationhood and Self-Identity; Healthy and Prosperous Lifestyle; Leadership; Volunteerism and Civil Society; Entrepreneurship; Research and Innovation; Youth Work Professionalism, and Recognition. Among the core programs that we have organized for our youths include “Jelajah Belia Sarawak”, “Youth Transformation Program”, “Youth Leadership Program”, “Youth Fun Run”, “Junior and Senior Youth Camps”, “Communication Skills Workshop”, “Kursus Keusahawanan Belia” and many more.






“Jelajah Belia Sarawak” was initially implemented this year covering 40 districts state-wide for a period of two years (2019-2020). So far, we have covered six districts comprising Asajaya, Long Lama, Debak, Mukah, Bintulu and Tarat involving a total of 14,775 youths for two-days program.  Objectives of this program to enhancing youths engagements and participations; outreaching and sharing information regarding government transformation agendas and policies; and inculcating good leadership qualities, self confidence and resilience in facing future challenges, spirit of volunteerism, teamwork as well as to be active, responsible and patriotic citizens. 



Youth Transformation Program or more popularly known as ”Kawan Ku Sayang, Keluarga Ku Kenang (KKSKKK)” is one of core programs popular among the target groups. To date, the Ministry has organized a total of 70 series involving 6,078 youth state-wide and it has also been proven to be one of the most effective means in terms of outreach and youth engagements. Due to its encouraging response for continuity from participants and local leaders alike, the Ministry will continue to implement it. 


This annual State level Youth Day Celebration 2019 will be held on 6th – 7th December 2019 at Miri Indoor Stadium expecting to involve more than 5,000 youths. Among the highlights of the events are the Youth Icons awards, Creativity and Innovation Exhibition, Youth Kitchen, cultural shows and sports activities. We have also organised healthy outdoor events that include Auto Show, Drone Race, Beyblades, Sky Runner and others. 

State Level Youth Day 2018 Celebration at Sibu, Sarawak


Last year, the Institute of Youth Research Malaysia (IYRES) had conducted the Survey of “Sarawak Youth Index” covering 31 districts involving a sample of 13,437 youths state-wide. The objective of the survey is to measure the quality and social well-being of Sarawak youths. The survey which started in August 2018 is now completed. The findings, recommendations and proposal will be used as inputs and indicators for the State Government to formulate the State Youth Development road map, strategic thrusts, policies and programs. The Index will be launched during the State level Youth Day on 7th December 2019.


Ministry of Youth and Sports Sarawak